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Help needed

I've been trying to pluck up enough courage to post this, so here we go.
As some may know I have just finished restoring my boat, so I have been working in the back garden for a while.

Ok, deep breath…..

For sometime now I've suspected that my wife may be cheating on me. You know the sort of thing. The phone rings, I answer, someone hangs up.

Recently she has started going out 'with the girls' a lot and when I ask which girls it's always "Just some friends, you don't know them".

I always used to keep an eye out for her taxi coming home but now she always walks up to the house although I can hear a car setting off as if she has just got out of one around the corner.

The other day I picked up her mobile, just to see what time it was, and she went crazy, screaming at me that I should never touch her phone again and why was I checking up on her.

Anyway, I have never approached the subject with her. I kind of think deep down I don't really want to know the truth. But then last night she went out again and I decided that I would check up on her.

Around the time she was due home I decided to hide behind my boat which I knew would give me a good view of the whole street so I could see which car she got out of on her return.

It was whilst crouched behind my boat that I noticed a huge chip on one of the centre chines.
Do you think I should cut the area back, fill with epoxy and try to spray the area or would gelcoat filler do the job just as well?

"Lend us a motor Chaos"
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I'm glad to see a boatmad member with well sorted priorities!



"I Agree with everything you say really!" - John Cooke to Jon Fuller - 26-01-2013
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Simple have the wife certified to the local loony bin cheap and effective then have Gav and his family move in, that way he can patch ye pride and joy up every time you dink it out with the boys giving it some...everyone's happy except the wife... perfic plan I say
i can na give her any more captain
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well my missus is wonderin' WTF I'm laughing at!

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my hero,excellent
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