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Watch this!!

Who'd want one of those?

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YES done this yesterday off salcombe and SHIT MY PANTS with the wife and kids on board it was like the sea came down on top of us we were all wet to the pants but ok and so was the boat thank god

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Originally Posted by kickon View Post

watched it over and over ... how exactly did he do it ??? ( not that i want to)
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i was wondering the same thing! Going by the rest of the similar videos it seems that type of boat does this a lot! Would love to see one in the rough!!
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Watch the man closly and you can see that he turns the steering wheel quickly to the right just before it submerges.

The woman sitting next to him knew it was going to happen because seconds before it went under she turned around, or it could hav been luck.
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Originally Posted by Foolish View Post
watched it over and over ... how exactly did he do it ??? ( not that i want to)

Reverse at speed, Thats how it's done in a Jet boat
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Yeh, I did this a few times in a VT Jet rib with a PP jet on the back. It had enough bouyancy to not quite get water over the bow, but was pretty impressive doing it from 40 knots! WOT throttle, just play with the bucket settings.
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Its a prop ski boat, centre shaft, they should have done a 180 spin out, I've done it a few times years ago in my water ski days. Good fun but you have to hold on!!
Like this
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is quiet easily done when u don't pay attention, thats a prostar which is designed for lake slalom skiing but people add ballast to get the wake for wakeboard.

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