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Honda instruments

Tried posting this on S&F a while back, but no reply yet... have to rely on Boatmad for proper advice I reckon

I have a 32ft CC with twin Honda 225's w/ Bobs nosecones on engine lifts and Hydromotive Quad 4 O/T. Great motors, but a bit sluggish. 70 mph (on a good day) and counting... Got great advice from you guys when installing nosecones on these motors earlier! Works like a charm! Improved both handling and top end. Cones are glued on, not welded. Thanks!

Instruments, however, is a bit of a challenge. I currently have Faria instruments, but really would like to switch to Livorsi, Autometer or similar. Being in Europe, we like the metric system, but it seems that the American manufacturers really do not like to give me a reading on trim/ tilt etc. Some sort of compatibility problems. Does anyone know any high-end instrument brand that is compatible with Honda?

Thanks for helping!

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Originally Posted by oyvind View Post
Does anyone know any high-end instrument brand that is compatible with Honda?

Thanks for helping!
I'm not aware of anyone other than Faria, which is a special order and twice the price of one of their std trim gauges.
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