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bad joke but had to tell it

Dolphin comes swimming over to the Whale crying for help, so Whale being the master of the ocean decides to hear Dolphin's plea and so the story goes like this...

Dolphin was merrily swimming along in him family pod when along came a bunch of sailors and slaughtered them all except him, hence Dolphin's plea to the Whale is to exact revenge on these brutal sailors...

Whale agreed and so off they went in search of the sailors. After many days and nights of searching the oceans they finally came across the sailors in question.

So Whale take a deep breath and dives down below the sailor's boat and in one huge breath exhales, emptying his lungs and creating so many bubbles and turbulence that the sailors boat capsizes and sinks leaving all the sailors treading water for all they are worth.

Not happy with this Dolphin suggest to Whale that they eat the survivors but Whale Explains, "I have just helped you with a blowjob, the last thing I want to do now is eat seamen!!!"
"If it has wheels, wings or floats it'll cost you money"
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