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Feck - Its Jono again.....

Geoff has finished work on the 300 promax powerheads, and I went to collect them with the lorry. Geoff has a crane thing, and loaded them into the back of the lorry.

This morning I had to unload them.

I dont have a crane.

No problem, I lift them out, walk the three steps to the garage and place them on the floor.

Now, one hour later, I have cuts, bruises, I think my back is broken and I am sure one of the powerheads is as well. They are simply too heavy for a human to pick up and move around.

What I still dont get is Jono, picking them up from the floor at Springbok Micks place, taking them up to the back of the lorry, loading them in over a meter off the ground, then walking away as if nothing..... I am now sure he is not human!

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Originally Posted by verytricky View Post
I am now sure he is not human!
corse heez nott yew nobbend. heez a reetyred tirminayter.

de trubbul iz dat noww an agen hiz brayn shawt sirkits an hee az a likkul wobly.

de lasst tyme dat dis append de popyewlashun ov artulberry fel bi 50 pir sent


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What did he do to the engines dude?
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