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Country: shropshire england.
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Interests: Yodelling
Boat name: Veni Vidi Vici or Conked
Boat make: G.P.14
Engines: 4h.p. Mercury
Cruising area: Cap de Agde

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Quiz Time

Brand new v.h.f/d.s.c.Radio,boxed,up for grabs.Put the surnames to the christian names below,add what they did and when.Tiebreaker for all those who will get it right,post which team you think will win this years World Cup Final.Winner pm,d on cup final day. ALF GORDON RAY GEORGE NORBERT JACK ROBERT ALAN ROGER GEOFF ROBERT MARTIN.

when in doubt trim outCARPE DIEM
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Country: Guernsey
Occupation: Engineering
Boat make: None, boo!
Engines: Turbines mainly!
Cruising area: The inside of my workshop!

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No one's competing, can I win it by default then?

Here's my guesses...

'Alf' Biggot. Won the scandanavian cheese rolling championship in 1906.

'Gordon' Jones. Speed record for 2.5efi strapped to baking tray. Possibly on here as 'the rat'. Last seen fitting triple BBC's to a pyrex dish.

'Ray Newman'. Lost a leg in an unfortunate accident involving Boyeson reeds. Went on to win the paralympics Javelyn in 2004.

'Norbert Humpledink'. Invented the propshaft. Elastic bands that used to power all boats were sold off to the postal service, who went on stike immediately.

'Jack Williams'. Crossed the english channel on a horse.

I'm bored now! On a serious note, was 'Geoff' Geoff Purves? If so, he won a lot of stuff in my cat, before it was basterdised. Do I win something now then?

Oh yeah, the tiebreaker, I don't care who wins, I hate football!

Night night!



The true test of a man is how he treats someone of absolutely no use to him.
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Country: UK
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Occupation: Powerboat Skipper
Interests: Boats , bikes!
Boat name: Renegade
Engines: 150 HO etec
Cruising area: Thames, south coast, anywhere!

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Alf must be alfie bullam
Im re branding pepper spray as Arsehole going to make a fortune.
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