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Sorry Ireland!

Slightly ashamed to admit it but i watched some of eurovision did anyone else feel slightly bad as Ireland voted for us but we didn't for them? Seeing as for the rest of time (as long as there are eastern European countries) we (or any other western country) will not win, surely we could have voted for ireland. thank you malta!!!

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That's OK. We won't hold it against you.

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We were utter crap - the lyrics consisted of a total of about 100 "bap - badda - bap - badda........." I know trash is what its all about, but at some point surely just being camp isnt going to be enough. We proved that last night! Oh my god, listen to me. Sounds like I care!

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You must understand that I personally did not watch it. Just that my wife did so it was no if you know what I mean!!!!!!

I thought it was unadulterated crap all of it, but you're right I did feel a bit bad when Ireland gave us 12 points and I don't think we gave them anything. Oh dear.
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sorry ireland

Its a bit of luck "Team Cigarette 2" didnt enter with that little ditti he posted on here there wouldnt have been a contest specially if he got his sisters and brother 2 do the backing vocals it would have been a one horse race no question !!!!!!!!
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