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Country: UK
Location: Exmouth
Occupation: Sitting on backside in the SUN
Interests: Vacations
Boat make: Burgess T850, Bristol T850 c 2 Wieser Boote
Engines: Yam70 (x3) & Stinger 75 (x2)
Cruising area: South West

Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Exmouth
Posts: 749
Thursday Jokes:

My American wife made fun of me because I use the metric system. So I beat her within 2.54 cm of her life.
I phoned the police the other day. "What's your emergency?" they asked. I said "Two girls are fighting over me" "Okay" she paused "well what's the problem?" "The fat one's winning!"

I was showing the doctor my badly bruised penis and he asked me how I did it, I told him it was a surfing accident. "Did you fall off your surfboard?" he asked "No" I said "The wife came in and I had to slam the laptop shut!"

The wife suggested we use some toys in the bedroom to make things more fun. She wasn't too impressed though the ungrateful bitch... three ******* hours it took me to set up that Scalextric.

This morning i thought I'd play a little joke on my girlfriend so i swapped her tampons with party poppers... absolutely no sense of humour that girl.


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Country: Guernsey
Occupation: Engineering
Boat make: None, boo!
Engines: Turbines mainly!
Cruising area: The inside of my workshop!

Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 2,646

The true test of a man is how he treats someone of absolutely no use to him.
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