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BlueBird on e bay ????

Just read this on the web
links to Sky news...

How sad that it can not be resolved, the Man the boat & the history deserve better............,00.html

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I saw that. And I have to say, I kind of agree with the national lottery people - the signifance of the boat is not just that it broke records, but also that a great british hero died in it while trying to break a record - and to restore it to pristine condition would, IMVHO, not pay sufficient respect to the man. Therefore, I think a partial restoration would be appropriate.

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They should have left it at the bottom of the lake. It's kinda where it's meant to be.
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I think it could be restored, as long as there's a exstensive record/display of the 'as it was recovered' condition.

Many of the bent & broken bits would make a great exhibit and you could make comparisons showing the rework.

At the end of the day, it's gotta be Ms Cambells call, innit.

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After watching the programme tonight, it throws up some interesting questions, should the Lottery pass over a couple of million quid to rebuild Bluebird?
God knows my sister had enough problems getting 70 grand from them for a pre school in an isolated village.
As JF says, Gina has the final call Ė but I hope she is isnít serious about ebay Ö..
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