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Boat Drink Drive

1, how are they going to enforce this if it does come in
2, alot of sailing boats don't do over 7knots, but surely have the potentail to do alot more damage

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Well they're gonna have to start with something bloody quick! Whilst i don't tend to drink and boat, i sure as hell wouldn't stop for the cops in my cat as they pootle over at 20 knots in a converted dory!


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This has been kicking around for a while, another one of those poorly thought out ideas from the one eyed scottish idot party.
Now before you climb on the high horse (intended pun, read further) Notice it only referes to introduce alcohol regulations so you could be stoned out of ya tree or a cokehead & be legal as far as the ruling stands, might get done under something else & be sure to fill in your TUE form to remain RYA legal

Been up on the RYA web site for some time along with their response. My own point of view is stay sober when operating anything. Reversing a trailer when pissed is a hard task
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Originally Posted by BluFin View Post
Reversing a trailer when pissed is a hard task
Got to admit I found it easier when I had a few to ease the logic cells
If God can save why cant I, even on my salary?
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How can you really Tell if some one 'Drink Boating'....

Unless they are
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