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Cmd qsd 4.2 350 hp

Hi all I have been searching far and wide for any useful information on the above engines (2009) models which I believe are based on Italian VM diesels. I am considering a second hand boat which has them fitted.

What I would like to know is:
- What are they like compared to the relative competition? I'm guessing Volvo D6's and Yanmars at this sort of age (although the D6's are somewhat heavier)
- Is there a good service agent for them in the south of the UK?
- I'm not sure they are made any more but are parts still relatively available?
- Are they well matched when hooked up to Bravo One XR drives?

As Mercury Cummins etc. have split or changed names etc. it's rather difficult to track any useful information down - I have come across some information but generally people only mention things when they are bad - and good news tends to go un reported the engine owners are out using them! I believe the replacement engines are now VW based V8's and therefore a completely different unit and not relevant.

Any useful information gratefully received.



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Cummins service

Best Cummins people, bar none. Both are ex-Cummins trained, excellent service and know what they are doing. I ask them to come to the south of France for my engines, they are that good! I have the 300hp version of the same engine now, (disregard the side bar).
VaSi Marine | Yacht & Boat Maintenance | South Coast
cheers Jonathan

Team 747
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Thanks for the reply Miss Daisey, are these guys the original CMD people from Swanick - or a different outfit?

After doing even more digging I have discovered that these engines still appear to be made which is a good sign!

Anyone know if these engines allow for instantaneous fuel usage display - I don't believe the standard gauges do but what about 'Vesselview' ?

regarding Bravo One XR diesel drives - have these changed much since 2008/9? - as far as I can see they have not, prior to this they have had some of the bearings beefed up I believe - and this particular drive is the strongest in the range for this sort of application as far as I can see - having straight cut gears as opposed to the XZ version which has spiral cut (not sure if these is available in a diesel ratio anyway).

My hunt for more information continues.


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Hi ,

look here :

I had this boat and build in a pair of these brand new 320hp engines in front of a pair xr drives ,we turned 34 bravo 1 props and did 72 mph all day long.

I like them but sold the boat due to it was to heavy for me to tow legal here in europe beside doing it whit a truck .

I still have the complete set gauges from livorsi and the vessel view if interested its all smartcraft plug and play .

if you have any questions let me know have not put on very much hrs but love them run very smooth and strong .
most important there much better servicable then the vw engines because that are basicly a car engine thats turned into a marine version ,the vm is started as industrial and marine engine devolped by a joint venture of cummins and vm .


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