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Col regs!

And we think we have it bad sometimes. I subscribe to a US forum and there has been considerable discussion regarding the rights of Kite surfers over powerboats.


Just to let everyone know, if you come across a kiteboarder you MUST give way if not under sail or man power. Kiteboarders are considered sail powered. I can't tell you how many times I've been cut off by power boats. Hell, I've had to jump over one before and almost got charged with wreckless endangerment for jumping over it to save my own butt.

Sorry, going off on a rant here, but you must know you have to give way to kiters as you would a sailboat.


Now, the discussion has been quite heated at times and the Kite surfer even went so far as to post a diagram of the incident. The Kite surfer is the Black arrow on the diagram and the boat he jumped is the red one.

Answers on a postcard! For what it's worth, my view is that the red boat is the stand off vessel and as such has a requirement to take positive action by slowing down and passing behind the kite surfer. However, the discussion on the US forum is that Kite surfers do not have the same rights as a yacht under sail! This would then allow the red boat to be correctly positioned to pass the second powerboat - i.e port to port. This then lends a conundrum to the second powerboat in terms of his actions! Relative to the Kite surfer, this boat is also the stand off vessel but which way does he turn?? IMHO the kite surfer pulls the stripes here but common sence might be applicable!

More pictures
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Seems obvious that the powerboats give way to the Kite-surfer; the red boat turning to starboard & the silver one to port. What happens after that between the two powerboats could get complicated though, especially if they're moving quickly.

Having said that, I think if I was kite-surfing I'd try to avoid driving between two fast moving boats approaching each other head on; whether I was in the right or not. Simple self-preservation!

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When I'm out with the kite I try to stay well out of the way of anyone and anything. Unfortunately, kiteboarding requires a lot of concentration so you cannot always keep track of your surroundings and being wind powered you have no where near the same amount of control as a powered boat.

I would say that common sense dictates the red boat should have powered down and/or gone well behind the boarder making it's intentions clear to the other boat invloved so that it also can take appropriate action.
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Straightforward for us mere mortals, but how would the gArf handle this situation?
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