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Do I need a bow fuel tank?

I bought a P18 in December and drove it to Greece. Gave it a service and took it for it's first run down there last week, she runs very, very well.

One of the days was pretty choppy and she was bouncing off the waves - in fact, we ended up turning back to port rather than continue to our destination.

Currently kitted out with a bow tank, but not rigged up (she has never been raced). Should I take this out and add a bow fuel tank instead (will this improve the ride significantly in chop)? My plan had been to take it out and use the space as a storage cuddy for skis, buoys etc...

Second question, I replaced the battery and now the dials don't work (speedo works fine, but revs is sometimes at 0, others at 6k, other guages non-functional). The mechanic told me they worked before I changed the battery, but having just bought the boat, I didn't see them myself, so aside from not connecting the battery correctly, is there something else that could cause this?

Yes, I am a novice so please take it easy on me.

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I never bothered fitting one in my P18 it seemed to go well in the chop as it was, but then again I am a fat git.
I remember some drivers complaining of there P18's being Flighty but cant remember now if they fitted them or not.
some one like derrick B (no worries) would know better than me.

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I'd go for the bow tank mate but fit it back as it's ment for ie water my phantom 20 is a bit of handful in the chop! I half fill the tank and than it runs nice and flat.
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If you fit a bow fuel tank you will have no control over how heavy the front of the boat is and it will get lighter as you use fuel - not helpful downwind with a full tank! If you want to go faster use the bow tank and fill and empty it as appropriate.

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