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Fatalities at Great Lakes poker run

How tragic that lives were lost.

Perhaps it was bound to happen given the speeds now attained. The boat was an Outerlimits 42 with a stepped hull and according to the reports either hooked or barrel rolled when a sharp turn was attempted.

One has to assume that when Scottb (a member of this board and an experienced racer) can hook one, in his case, a 51 Outerlimits, the chances of a less experienced helmsman (I'm making an assumption here) safely driving the same type of boat at speed would be diminished by comparison.

What this will do to poker runs in the States is anyone's guess but the implications are dire.

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A very sad bit of news as for any implecations thats anybodys guess.
I think a valid point to come from this reading the forum is that he was only wearing a flotation device not a full blown jacket.
I'm not out to make any points on this as it's far to tragic. But if was haulling those kind of speeds I'd be looking to surround myself with something a little more substantial. High performace jackets have evolved for a reason & have a lot of impact protection in them.
Flotation devices are great and they have there place and uses but not at high speed.
Condolences to any involved reader going through this

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this may seem harsh, but now we know why our controlling bodies implement all the safety for offshore races
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