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Latest World Of Powerboats Online Now

The latest World of Powerboats is now available to read online. ( were problems with the download but it seems OK now. It features the Round Britain extravaganza and an insight into the mind of Ray Bulman

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I just had a look and read this on there Jon

The Harbour Master responsible for traffic in the Solent has indicated he is not happy with a rolling start off the Royal Yacht Squadron (Itís OK for yachts to be charging about at break-neck speeds around the mouth of the Medina, but not powerboats) so a new start procedure will be adopted. The fleet will muster off the RYS and run down the Solent at around 40 mph behind the start boat to Hurst Castle, a distance of around ten miles, when the green flag will drop. This should provide a true spectacle, where 21 footers will be running along the bigger, faster craft. This format will eliminate the need for an armada for safety boats in the Solent. Once clear of the Solent the fleet are on their own and although safety boats will be on patrol, itís the responsibility of each team to ensure they have adequate safety equipment on board. (Blue Marlin sank in minutes during RB8 but the crew took to their life raft and were picked up by another competitor) We understand the Officer of the Day, who has never raced offshore has banned canopied boats on the grounds of safety despite at least four wanting to take part.
When the Cowes Ė Torquay race was first run, it was very basic with almost the entire fleet arriving in Cowes under their own power. There is little reason why this cannot happen again and if itís successful, the future of Britainís most famous offshore race will be assured.

I can understand safety is paramount! my first thoughts thou is that we will all be moving away from cowes to watch them at speed either around swanage or the needles and not take it all in at cowes anymore. Yarmouth or lymington could be the new Cowes pit area seen then, thou i prefer Cowes.
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There is a point there called "the trap" that idea - I think it just might be....

Thats about a 40 deg right turn straight after the start.
You get say 30 boats thats about 100 foot each across the entire Gap. Boats will really bunch to the Mainland side as the Island side will be a huge disadvartage due to the mark about 2 mile after the - Start (assuming it's taken to port) Bunching will be an understatement, Have another "Blitz" up the beach.

I guess the distance will be a lot less on the spacing as there is no NTM yet issued to close it to traffic & if its a nice day it will be buzzin with other craft.
Guess HM's are not the sharpest pencil in the box - surprised it got pass RYA course approval maybe just a tad journalistic licence or a Bar Course yet pending approval

Edit: to get 30 boats would be Fab
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