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M&W marine, Holiday, Florida

Does anyone know anything about these guys, or have any personal experience?
M&W Outboards & Marine Service Inc. Yamaha Outboard Motors, parts, used, rebuilt

A contact at work suggested to his friend that I know a bit about boat engines and also have work contacts in the states, so might be able to ask around. All my contacts are in the Aviation business, so I thought Iíd ask on here.

The reason heís interested is this ebay Ďadvertí which appears to be the same people.
Evinrude 200 250hp 300 hp E-tec etec BUILT TO ORDER NEW POWERHEAD! 20" 25" 30" | eBay

I have found just a couple of bad reports about their trading, but itís only the bad stuff that people tend to write reviews about.

If this guy tries his luck on the 300HP ETEC heís looking at and it works out well I could be tempted by a 200 as even with tax and shipping costs it looks like a good deal, although it looks too good to be true.


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Ask on scream and fly
If there's bad reports I wouldn't use them is not like you can pop round to sort any problems out.
If it's too good to be true ................

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I'm martin from horndean how north of pompey are you? I use lees log in as we share the boat I am going to fla on 11th sept in tampa Clearwater off shore gp on while we are out there that plce don't look to far past clear water? maybe take a look can't promise but worth a go?
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Extremely poor service. The gearbox supplied failed. When contacted, Wayne explained that he was expecting a call as he was aware of a potential problem. Fair do's he eventually.... sent a replacement. That replacement lasted less than 100 miles and failed catastrophically. I contacted Wayne, he hid behind only 60 day warranty.
Everything was difficult, never was a deadline met. It took ages to get the initial gearbox, even longer to get the replacement and now I'm left with nothing but a pile of scrap. Such poor service - I feel as though I was scammed.
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