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Miami Vice-director's edition

After my supreme disappointment with the Miami Vice feature film (though it was better second time around when I understood who was who!!) and the lack of boats I was interested to see a "unrated director's cut" advertised.

Hoping there might be more than just 30 seconds of the MTI "Mojo" going to Cuba and back things looked good with a great start to the film of the camera coming up through the water with a dozen or so racing cats (including Mojo sporting a hard top) scooting part it, then following them for a few minutes around Miami I thought "this is more like the good old days of Don Johnson and linen" more boats in the film apart from the Donzis and Mojo/Cuba trip.

Here's the intro:

It does have a "special feature" as well called Mojo...again a bit short and was more about wiring the boat up than the boats themselves.

Oh well.....

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Brilliant footage. Great way to start a film about powerboat racing...but would it have made a whole load of powerboat fanatics like us love the Miami Vice film we saw in the cinema? Nope, I don´t think so. We would have spent the rest of the film waiting for more racing scenes to appear.
As Miami Vice goes, the film was ok. But many of us were expecting something else!

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As a long-time MV fan I'd been chatting to Rick Bravo (camera dude) on on and off for a while about the movie. I was so looking forward to it, only to find that MM decided to cut the entire race scene and open the movie in the club!!

Nice though the intro is, it's not gonna make me rush out and buy the 'director's cut'. I can't sit through all that unintelligible dialogue again. It was only after I'd switched the subtitles on that I realized that Crockett's opening line wasn't

'Hey Darlin'! Two Bacardi mojitos and a genitalia'

Colin Farrell still looks like he needs a decent bath.
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