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my poor baby.

taking my boat to hutchy's place this morning and some spotty little bastard in a company van ran into the back of my boat waiting to find out extent of damage,im feckin gutted.

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Sorry to hear that mate, you just can't account for it!. Just dot the I's & the T's when it hits the insurance company. Carry out full internal of boat , Engine, mounts, Saddle of the motor, include Propshaft.
If its any consulation a few moths ago had a truck here hit the back of the wing on a 727 didn't stop till it got to the rear spar. Insurace company turned a very pale shade !!!!!
Wouldnt mind but just finished it Grrrrrrrrrrrr

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roofer...........thats a real shitter mate. If it gets repaired, make sure you get to choose who does the work.
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I had a P21 badly damaged in a Ski Race in Wales many years ago it went down the ramp behind the local clubs tractor hitting a 4x4 then a concrete Pier, the result was that the transom was split open the rear right hand quarter of the hull was crushed and the main stringers were stressed as all of the resin had turned white, as I live near Steve Baker I took it in to him but he refused to repair it as the transom and the stringers were beyond repair. The impact even twisted the Super Speed trailer. As Blue Fin suggests have the engine full checked out as mine suffered quite badly. I would suggest that you get at least a couple of experts to look at it hopefully someone that knows Phantoms. Was yours a Clive Jones built Phantom if so give Clive a ring.

I had a battle with the insurance assessor as he was insisting that it be repaired but as Steve said it was a right off I stood my ground.

Best of luck, post some pics and let the Phantom experts give a view.
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Commiserations mate.

You haven't had it that long either. Heres hoping it's only minor damage.
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