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New member, Ring 20a + 2.4 Merc 225hp

I thought itís time to introduce myself and my boat.

Iím from Helsinki, Finland and I spent my early days driving various small speedboats but Iíve never done any racing. My last fast boat was a Finnish made Argo 16 with a 60hp Mariner and a cleaver. It topped 55mph with wild chinewalk. But that was 30 years ago. In between Iíve had a Bayliner Bowrider with an 85hp Force for the past 25 years, so nothing very interesting. After owning 17 Porscheís to date and being quite an active track day driver I decided to make a change in hobby for the coming summer. I first looked at a few nice Argos locally but came to the conclusion that they are a bit flimsy for spirited leisure boating at this age. Weighing only a tad over 100kg they are very fast but not very comfortable. So I turned my eyes first toward Sweden and finally to the UK.

I looked at quite a few boats on eBay, Gumtree and the lot. Finally I found this site with loads of very good information. I was initially looking at Nickís (Cream Marine) ex-Sharp and as I approached Nick with a few questions regarding the Sharp he told me about his Ring 20a project as an option. I got interested as it was a project boat in seemingly good condition and I could be part of the rebuild process although Nick would of course do all the hard work. So, we made a deal. I bought the boat and a 2.4 Mercury 225hp that Nick is rebuilding to go with it. I guess we could continue to update the rebuild thread Nick started.

So far the status is that Nick has been sanding of the red and yellow paint from the deck and we have been sourcing parts for the rebuild. The boat will be all white gel coat with a black windscreen and black refurbished interior. But as per my request the floor will be painted white, no carpeting. The boat will also get black sticker decorations, but these are still very much on the drawing board.

The rig will benefit of at least the following new parts: hydraulic steering, Luisi racing steering wheel with trim buttons integrated to the steering wheel, foot throttle, Pyle radio set, CMC manual lift/jack plate with a 5.5Ē setback, Bobís bigfoot nose cone and a cockpit cover. Hopefully not much more as it will break the bank! And of course the rig will need a new propÖ or two.

My goal is to get past the 70mph mark but this will of course require quite careful setup with the right propeller. The sea over here in between the numerous small islands is most of the time flat calm compared to the conditions you guys are used to. When the sea is rough over here it would still be like a Sunday picnic for you. So, as a result the engine will most likely be setup rather high compared to your standards, therefore the lift and nose cone.

Not to take up too much of Nickís time with my long lists of questions I thought Iíd post a few questions for general comments and opinions to the forum. And thanks Nick, you have been very patient with my numerous detailed questions.

So here goes. Based on the above general information on the boat, engine and upcoming conditions what are your povís on the following:
- Propeller? I was thinking starting off with a 13 ĺ x 26P Trophy. I might also get a hold of a 26P and 28P Chopper for testing. Iíve been told to steer off from Cleavers and to go with either a neutral or slightly bow lifting prop. However, Iím a bit intrigued to explore what Ron Hill might haveÖ Semi Cleaver, Yamaha Drag, EagleÖ
- Manual Lift / Jack Plate? Anyone have one installed? How much offset from the center line have you used?

And a few general questions to the end:
- What is the time frame when Ring made the 20a?
- How much does a Ring 20a weigh in non-race build? (just a bit concerned that the boat, engine, trailer combo could be over 750kg, which of course would mean a I need a trailer with brakes)

All for now. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences. This is a great forum!

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Yes it is a lot of work but the boat is looking amazing. I think we should start a new project thread for your build.
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