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New years day incident

A few words from Brad.....

"Just a quick note to all of you who have sent myself and Richard your kind comments since the accident yesterday in Exmouth.

Both Richard and I are fine, but very brused!! I got released today and Rich will be out tomorrow, I want to send out a big thanks to everybody that helped during and after the incident.

Lastly a massive thanks to Tim Mayers, not only did you help with the incident but he got the boat recovered and I believe had the engine running by midnight (what kept you mate!!).

Thanks to all who assisted.




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I hate to ask a question like this but, erm, what happened?
All the best to those involved,


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It's a local thing what caused it, occurs in exemouth the other is in the sea of Japan. There are a few other locations in the world it happens but cant recall right now.
they have a vid of the one in japan here
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Sorry to hear of a New Years incident, not quite the way one would like to start the New Year, but happy to hear all involved are alive and kicking ...

Going by that nasty sea creature Bluefin posted what a brute you guys had a lucky escape with ears like that he probably sensed your arrival in the water from Asia and with those huge lips you guys could of been sucked to death
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