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nitrous .

ive been offered a modified fuel rail complete with 200hp nitrous kit to fit my outboard motor. has anybody on here run a outboard fitted with nitrous? how do you control boat when you hit the button ? what kind of speed increase can i expect ? how unstable will boat become ? and last will i live ?

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Roofer you have some issues!
Is your boat not quick enough as it is!

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If you bought the kit your best bet is to get a proggresive controller to allow a little bit of nitrous in at a time instead of one kick i would have fought one kick could put the boat on its side or even make the prop slip probley blow your gearbox up to
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Roofer bought a 150 hp kit for my old boat but sold it to OCRDA on this forum because i was scared to fit it.
you have to put it all in at once dude to the design of a boat engine
i have never seen one fitted to a fuel rail mine just had 2 tubes with small holes in that you drilled and fitted into an intake spacer plate. 1 for nitrous and 1 for the extra fuel you need.

one point make sure the bottle can be filled over here as there are some kits are not very common over here.
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isnt that a wet kit? commonly used on efi engines? a while since ive read about nitrous
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I have fitted nitrous to a dragstar and i cannot really see the point of fitting it to an outboard unless you have massive nitrous tanks! A 200bhp nitrous shot would go through a 5lb bottle NO2 in about 30secs. That not a lot of fun for £20 worth of NO2!
When I hit the NOS button in the dragstar it gives it a massive kick and its only a 50hp shot so I would imagine hitting the NOS on a outboard would just cause the prop to slip wildly.

I got jumper cables!
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