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It might be on Scream and Fly but he's actually a Kiwi ............. I think it would be worth stareting a book on how many seconds it would run for ......................


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Jumpin' be'jasus!
In car engines if you add a standard turbo u gain 70-80hp. so your talking about another 140hp-160hp on top. thats 420hp-440hp. So I will place a bet of a hole £5 that it blows within one hour!

I got jumper cables!
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Uh. No. A 2 stroke is unlikely to respond as well to turboing as a 4 stroke because you always have to have a situation where both the inlet and exhaust ports are open. That's why mild cams work well in forced induction 4 strokes - not too much overlap between inlet & exhaust.
However, should (IMVHO) be possible to get it to work reasonably well if you carefully design the port timing for it.
Whether it's mechanically capable of holding together, I have no idea.
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This guy is the mechanic on my 2.5's, he has been tinkering with this for ages.
It looks pretty horny too.
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