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Race report

Love this OCRDA race report from Ramsgate race in late July. Writer and boat unknown, could find out but haven't the time.
Sunday: Heat 8
Decided not to take my England flag out with me today - I'm keeping it rolled up in case I see Ronaldo bending over. Hotter and less breezier than Saturday. We were racing before the V24's today. Calm water equals calm navigator in our boat. Everyone got off to a flying start and we had a battle on our hands with the two cats on the run to the first buoy but we got past them on the turns and from then on we led the race! Blue sky, calm sea, gps, intercom, bums in seat - heaven. No. 6 buoy was slightly out of position but you can't have everything. It was a 16 lap, multi course so it wasn't a walk in the park but we were 3 minutes in front of the 2nd place boat. Fifteen and a half laps later the engine coughed and spluttered. We were running out of fuel with 2 miles to the finish line! I was pumping the fuel primer like a woman possessed. Brian shouted down the intercom for me to do something. I must have missed the Blue Peter episode where they showed you how to make a couple of litres of unleaded from half a bottle of coke and a warm sparkling water! We had to sit and watch everyone fly past us and guys, I can see smug grins through your crash helmets!

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Pat Peedell, B23, can't remember race number.

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Originally posted by Matt
Pat Peedell, B23, can't remember race number.
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