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I put my gearbox on B&O and I got this reply from it.


I want to make enquiry about your item for my customer who wants to buy it.Is it still forsale ? if yes,let me know:

Details or Conditions :
Send me comprehensive pictures if pics is available :

Please Reply or Send your response back to ( )

James Predick.


I replyed yes and then got this.


Thanks for your response .I have just contacted my customer who wants to buy it and he said he is okay with it and ready to pay .My customer said he can only pay with pounds cheque because that is what he can use in paying and please accept it .The payment will clear before you release the item for shipment for shipping.

PHONE NUMBER( Land and Mobile) :

I am using this opportunity to tell you that i am just a Sales agent or Middleman in this deal as this is what i do to earn a living. so any amount above your price will be sent back as it's for the freightment fee and my commission. send me your co-ordinates so that the payment will be sent to you . As for the freightment ,i will contact a transportation organisation that will pick up the item on my behalf so dont worry about the shipment as i will take care of it.

Greetings from Greece.

I did get an email from B&O about such scams when I listed my gearbox. So all beware!

I got jumper cables!
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Thats a scam deffo.

Its a good job your not green behind the ears MrRob.
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