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USA carriage

Anyone know who is the best (cheapest) shipping company to deliver an Outboard from USA to Uk ??



If Only
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Cheapest ain't always the best, but I've have good service from these guys...

used to be called Bax Global

They're bringing some more motors in for me in a month or so.

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I've always used Phoenix Intl. worldwide company I think, should have offices in the UK.

Airfreight prices were very good!

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Ive always used bax global aswell!
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Originally Posted by Tony Davis View Post
good service from these guys... used to be called Bax Global
last time I used them was way way back and due to a c&ck up in the paperwork which I reckoned they probably should have known about I had to set fire to my imported goods ... although I nearly got away with it as I had a nice helpful import guy/officer who I reckoned would let it go, but he went on a 2 week holiday and left me to deal with a complete beeeatch beeeatch beeeatch there I feel better now

and second time I tried to use them they kept banging on about how the outboard must have no oil petrol in it at all, not even a sniff so I didn't use them but I guess it worked out for you TD
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We only ever use PSP Premier Shipping and Packaging based in southampton.

They know what there doing as they move all the boat show boats.

Ask for Brett, great guy very hepfull

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