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blast from the past

Thanks everyone, I didn't reckon on all this info. I did buy it from Max. It seems to have had a colourful, if not successful history, and I dont believe it would matter too much if I downgrade it to a reasonably quick pleasure craft. Some of the info is conflicting, but I would still like to hear from you all if you can think of anything else, especially dates. I will try to put together all that you have supplied in some sort of order.Thank you again. George.

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Originally Posted by gurney View Post
Hi Ben, any idea who that previous owner might be,
That would be Andy Judge.

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Enfield 26

I bought it from Tony Hamilton a few years ago but never got it running properly with its old Volvos and drives. I had it for a number of years and then gave it to Mike Bontoft with a pair of small block Chevvys as a project. I think he passed it on to Max in 2010. Rob
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Originally Posted by TimB-C View Post
185 Gee in red and blue was when Henry Hector had her
Just to keep the history right and I know this is an old thread, this GEE is a later one than what is running now and was aluminium and yes she sank, I believe in Gibraltar
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BLAST FROM THE PAST.This boat "BLAST FROM THE PAST" was originally made as a tender for the super yacht " NABILA"which belonged to ADNAN KHOSHOGGI , the infamous, or famous arms dealer back in 1980. The NABILA was sold in 1988 to DONALD TRUMP when Koshogi got into financial trouble. The yacht was renamed " TRUMP PRINCESS". Trump sold the yacht in 1991 when he ran into financial problems. The yacht is now under the name "KINGDOM 5K, and is company owned. The tender "BLAST FROM THE PAST" has seen a number of owners since, and has been raced with various engine set ups, and names "SEVEN UP" being one of them. It was built by Enfield, is a DON SHEAD design, and built alongside the very famous "MISS ENFIELD", hence the similarity. Currently the boat is complete, minus engines and drives, and sits on an American aluminium twin wheel trailer, which is ready to tow away. Last fitted with a pair of small block chevrolet engines. Dimensions, length 26ft. beam 9ft.curreent weight without engines and drives approx 1 1/2 tons. Boat is all aluminium, is in very good and original condition. Conflicting history, the boat was built in 1973 alongside the MISS ENFIELD, DON SHEAD DESIGN, offshore power boat, there were several Miss Es, not sure which. It was being built as a tender to the Aga Khans superyacht at the Enfield works. At this time it appears that the tender was named "ALI CAT". Regardless of which story is true, it is certain that the boat was built at the Enfield works alongside a DON SHEAD design offshore power racer. I have been informed that the scantlings used in the design of the power boat were the same used in the tender, hence the similarity. It was described as the same boat with a piece cut out the middle. I purchased the boat as "BLAST FROM THE PAST", previously "SEVEN UP" and "ALI CAT". I can not confirm any of these details, this is what I have learned from several experts involved in offshore power for many years. Anyone who can add or qualify any of these details, please get in touch.
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Blast from the Past

Time has pasted but we may finally be there Blast from the Past will hopefully return for round six of the UKOPRA power boat season. And if everything goes to plan we should be on the dock at Southampton boat show Saturday morning 23rd September. We still have work to do but fingers crossed.
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Thatís great news! Thanks for the update.

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