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2.5 200 merc starting issues

Good evening folks,

When trying to start my outboard, often it will crank over then the starter disengage, or won't even engage in the first place. This happens mostly when cold. She has never not started, but is far from ideal.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Could be a lazy starter or a bad connection somewhere.

But first try and spray some WD40 on the bendix shaft.

Check all the terminals on the battery leads and battery switch. clean them and put them back together.

Strip the starter and make sure none of the brushes are stuck or worn out, clean the contacts on the motor commutator.


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Check the battery health .... Most lazy starting motors tend to be caused by a low or bad celled battery... Battery should be chaecked with a REAL volt meter not the dash board one ( fluke ) and should read 12.6 or higher volts BEFORE any thing is touched. If not its toast. Start and idle the motor above 1500 RPMS ,the voltage should go above 14 Volts if not charging system suspect....

Good luck,
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Thanks chaps, the battery is holding charge and charging fine. I have a new battery to put in anyway.

I've checked the connections and wd40'd the bendix gear and she started really well last night!

Thanks for the help!
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