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A couple of stupid questions...

prompted by this thread:

(Assuming flat calm water)

1) Would a deep vee boat be slower than a shallow vee boat with same weight and engine? (prop can be changed to allow engine to rev out).

I would say YES because of more wetted area but have been told the opposite by boat salesmen.

2) Is a heavier boat slower because it has to be prop'd down or also because its weight pushes it into the water more?

3) Are Deep vee boats 'faster' simply because you don't have to back off in the rough stuff?

Stupid questions probably but I'm trying to understand the differences between the Phantom/Ring/Marshan style boats & the Fletcher/Picton/Shakespeare style ones.

& in anticipation of some possible answers.

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You'd be right about the deep vee being slower, not necissarily because of the larger wetted area as a shallow vee would hav a large amount of the undertside sat on the water, but the shallow one would skim accross the top more easily rather than pushing through.
And yes, the deeper one's are better in the rough because the cut through easily, a shallow vee would slam a lot more. Also, a heavier boat wouls stay in the water better in a chop but a lighter hull would be faster in flat water due to there being less weight to push and it would sit lower in the water causing more drag.
Hope this helps,
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