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delco voyager / mallory ignition 5.7 RPM issue

Thought I should post this as it may help someone, For an old boat I restored I built up an engine from an old 5.7 v8 with refurbed carb etc and a brand new delco voyager type ignition system from a reputable company in the uk. which when it arrived was not delco but a Mallory marine unit which looked the same so I didn't bother at the time. when it was all put together it would run great but at 4000 RPM it would bog and go no further. To cut a long story short it has taken 2 years of messing about with everything to find the answer I have even swapped the engine for a new long block as the old one was starting to corrode and smoked a bit, tried three different carbs and two fuel pumps, flame arrester, exhaust, fuel lines, different prop pitches a new ecm in the distributor and new coil various phonecalls, marine engineers scratching their heads the last thing I thought was the distributor as it was new, and advancing properly and looked right on a timing strobe etc. anyway as a last ditch attempt I pulled the distributor an bought a genuine delco voyager from repower marine who are very helpful the only difference between the two to look at them is the trigger inside is entirely different. anyway problem now solved with the delco voyager it revs its nuts off! after a phone call to Mallory, they say that that distributor was never designed for that job and could not have worked properly, the uk dealer that sold it to me, not interested at all and have no apparent knowledge of the system. I guess the trigger was not allowing enough dwell? anyway I hope this might help anyone with similar problems save time and money.
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