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Will my engine run on alcohol based screen wash.

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i don,t think so but you can drink it

Speed costs weight so what do we cut off first
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If your asking will your motor run on Alky as it sets the anwer is NO. The injectors will not flow enough volumn with the short duration time they cycle. If you want an ALKY fuel system I build one BUT its a pain in the ass to operate. Everytime you run it the motor MUST be purged with a rich mixture od gas and oil to get all the alky out and oil the bearings or they will rust to the crank and rods. An alky motor only makes 6% more power than gasoline. A good doped racing gasoline makes more power than an alky motor will..............( Been there and done it ! )

The alky system includes new injectors , pumps ( 2 ) with viton "O" rings, adjustable regulator, hand made fuel rail to accept the chevy injectors and machine the front case half to accept the new "O" ring injectors... ( About $3,000.00 USD )

Jay @ JSRE
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