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Poppet Diverter

Has anyone fitted a poppet diverter on the Merc outboard? Did it make any noticeable difference?

Thanks Dave

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It just causes your gearcase to run a lot hotter without the water cooling it... No noticeable gain whatsoever..

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I fitted it to my 2.4 200 I'm using the offshore mid section and was having problems with water getting out make'n the engine getting hot when held flat out for long periods worked for me!
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It won't effect your gear case at all, also don't mess with merc cooling unless you are already having a temperature issue! Won't make any performance increase either way!

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It will effect the gearcase as the the water which use to flow through the midsection and through the gearcase now exits earlier through the poppet diverter (on a Mercury 3 liter, not sure on a 2.5). On very high engine heights, it will increase running temperature of the gearcase. On an optimax, this is even worse when considering how much hotter the optimax exhaust is compared to an efi.
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