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Yamaha 140hp V4 ring 18

Help please!!

I have a ring 18 with a yamaha V4 140hp 2 stroke engine. known useable engine heights (as mine is 24 1/2 inchs atm and think it's too high) or pics of your setups except V6 please. Cheers

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24-25 should be fine with either 22-24 laser or Yamaha 23 pro series or 24 yamaha high performance (drag)
What prop are you currently running and what are you using it for ?

If Only
National Outboard Immersed Propeller Mono Record 103mph
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Hi Bob!!
I'm using it for fun use only might race once i've got more money, the boat came with this engine and needed some work (i'm the guy who you sold two pistons too) engine works perfectly now mate 3 compressions 152psi one 148psi, just busy running it in atm used it for the first time yesterday and felt like it was revving alot even know i was just cruising! (rev counters not working atm) i'm using a 19p yamaha prop that came with the boat so should accelerate ok and do approx 45mph but i want to do 60+ if possible (i have too V6's to keep up with) This engine is just for a year or two untill i can afford something that will take me over 70mph. So i want the boat to do around 60mph and have good acceleration if possible for waterskiing etc.
pic of engine height:


(only pics i have atm)

Appreciate your help.... again!!
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Aha, that's where the Scottish boat went, was the motor ok?
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Hi mate, do you know this boat? Yep was used on lochlomand, engine required quite a bit of work tbh but it's very good now starts first time and runs perfectly no knocking or missfiring anymore! I've also done alot of work detailing (wetsanding then machine polishing) the boat (as i'm setting up my own car detailing business called icegleam) so now it shines like new, no more pink windscreen etc!
Here is a list of the work that i've done on the engine:
1 new piston and honed cylinder
1 second hand piston
top and bottom oil seals
skimmed cylinder heads and new gaskets
waterpump housing and new impeller (housing was assembled wrong, probs why it overheated)
also fixed the choke (wasn't fully closing)
Compressions: 3 152psi and 1 148psi

Used it for the first time on sunday, engine is perfect except i think it's too high or something as it seems to rev alot and ventilate a little, still running engine in obviously atm!
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