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How come there's nothing about this new venue on BM.

All classes event, yet very well kept secret??

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Usually it is the organiser of the event that publicises it on baotmad.

You can try

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Interesting event all went well! apart from racing in a mine field one set of props later, dodge the horses and not the sea type or the wave type either last seen heading for turn bouy 3 !! And the poor sod how went missing up stream and might pop up during the race. Thanks to the tug captain for running down the coarse astern to minimise his was Yer right! wondererd if he is available for the next event as that was some quality wash!!! Keith slater yet again has excelled on the photo's if you want a look!!
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Must agree with Lance, very challenging water to race on, especially playing "chicken" with the container ships!! I also must thank the tug captain for providing us with a massive wash that nearly ripped our wing off as we landed on our side!
Biggest crowd of spectators we have had in a long while. Thanks to Allhallows Yacht Club for staging it and to all at Gravesend Sailing club and Rugby club for providing the facilities. Looking forward to next year!!
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