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Littlehampton race - Sunday

Re "Red Flagging" at Littlehampton.
Can I enlighten everyone ?
I was alongside "Safety" on Sunday (Commentary & Safety shared a 'van)......3 boats turned after start run to Littlehampton, & report of boat in trouble was rec'd.
Trainee Safety officer requested decision from OOD about Red Flag.
OOD stated not needed, all was under control at incident, which it was.
The 3 who started & got away before/ahead of incident completed their first lap, turned, & started lap 2.
Cliff Smith's V24 (Mark Bridges & Erin Smith), about turned after a couple of 100 yards, & started back to harbour, as conditions got worse. Neil Jackson, having stopped at incident, re-started with intention of continuing (His type of weather).
Therefore, it is not strictly accurate to state that the race was stopped due to the incident, although, it contributed to the decision of course.
Pleased to state that both Terry & Andrea were OK, and at the presentation later.
In respect to that, & coments re presentation for a stopped race...........ORDA had trophies engraved & ready. These would be of no use otherwise, so, as some crews had bravely put on a show, & in order to recognise the efforts of those who assisted Andrea & Terry, the decision was made to present the awards for a curtailed race, which, in effect, it was.
I hope that this enlightens everyone, & thank you on behalf of ORDA to ALL who helped make it another successful weekends racing.

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Now Martin, it's not fair to muddy the waters with facts when conjecture is so much more fun.
I thought that having more patience was a result of my getting older. Turns out that I just don't give a sh*t.
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