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Race history

any ideas on the history of this one?

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I think it was on Boats and Outboards a while back.
Ford 3.0 ltre V6 is probably closer to 150hp than 250.

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I think it might have been the Tri run by family from Sussex, who had a Jet filling station, name of Salvidge.
Originally fitted with 2 ltr OB, but that ws 10-15 yrs ago.
Lorne would know - it was advertised as a "LAWN Campbell design recently !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Used to be mainly Yellow in colour & named "O.S.G.Jet" I think.
(Havn't checked that, just trawled the old brainbox)
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your getting your 3 pointers mixed up there Martin, this was a fibreglass production boat, built by Cirrus. There used to be one at Rotork 20 odd years ago, and it was pretty crap, with some real handling vices! I fished the driver out of the harbour once, and towed the boat back in. I think that one had a V6 omc on it.
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