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oil blank plates

anyone no where to buy plate so as to remove oilpump and drive

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If your just looking for a plate to cover the hole, I can do you one.

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cant just cover it up,
when the oiler gear is removed the botom left cyl runs lean because volume between reed and cylinder is higher , so less pressure when piston is on down stroke,then when fuel and air go into the cyl through port, less goes in due 2 drop in pressure hents lean condition

you can get the plastic blanking bit from merc/barrus
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Oil Injection System Removal

The mercury oil injection system is a popular item to remove, especially given its reputation for failure, and inability to deliver reliably after 6500 rpm.

Remove oil resevoir, oil pump, mag pickup, pump drive shaft, then install plug in shaft hole. Remove oil hose off bottom of vapor seperator, plug hose, remove fitting on starboard side of the block where oil tank pressure hose is coming from, plug hole with pipe fitting either 1/8 or 1/4., Remove oil alarm box, and i think that's all. the plug for the pump shaft hole you will have to get from dealer. (12)

Mercury part number for the plastic block off plate is 43453 and the O-ring for that kit is 32509. Jay Smith Racing Engines also has a billet kit for doing this.

Finally it is recommended by several sources, that you keep the old oil pump gear on the crankshaft, as it provides crankcase volume, and if removed will cause that cylinder to be lean.
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Originally Posted by stavros View Post
anyone no where to buy plate so as to remove oilpump and drive
Try richard run`s it he`s good for on site your area aswell !!
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Hi, here are some photos of the job, if they help.


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