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  1. NorwegianBoater
    Nigel, Did you get my last pm? Something is different since the forum was taken over so not sure I have corrected the set up for sending and receiving pms.
    Cheers Joakim
  2. littlenige
    Hi Joakim! I'm so embarrassed! I cannot lie! I still have yet to pick up the brushes. The problem for me now is that I have lost the area of the house that I used to use to paint - it is now a double bedroom, so it is a problem to find a nice flat area in which to work. Some people work on an easel but I prefer a flat horizontal surface. I tell you what, send me some images again of the boat and the lighthouse to inspire me again! With apologies! Sorry I didn't reply earlier - my mum has been staying for three weeks. Free at last!

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