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  1. Purple 21
    Hi Rich

    Will have to wait now, as i had to buy a new engine!!!<< I will catch up with you later in the year. many thanks though. Did you manage to speak to the chap who bought my old boat, i hope he is happy.
  2. driver510
    Sorry only just looked at this yes we have the phantom Evo seats moulds a pair of new front seats are 800 so for the complete boat it comes I at 1400 all in sorry for the delay thanks rich
  3. Purple 21
    Hi Rich
    I understand that you are able to get hold of Phantom plus seats (Cobra), as i think you know i bought Insane, it needs a complete new interior. If needed i can bring it down so you can have a look or if you can give me a bull park please let me know many thanks Kev..

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