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cfun 28-09-2008 11:17 AM

P1 in Portimao Portugal
Fountain worldwide 1st 4 boats takes crown for second consecutive season with James Sheppard and Craig Wilson at the helm by securing 3rd place in the Portugal grand prix ... The team said ...

The rough conditions out there were worse than they were in Malta,” said Wilson, who also doubles as the team boss. “The start was incredibly scary. After a few laps, we got the boat set up comfortable and – as we knew we were ahead of the #60 GFN Gibellato boat – we could control the pace. The whole team has done such a fantastic job in preparing the boat this year, but winning the title still hasn’t sunk in yet.

Sheppard was equally awestruck. “I’ve never been so happy to have come third in a race,” he said. “The conditions weren’t supposed to be that rough. We did all we could to push hard, and the temptation to race the #10 Cigarette boat was quite big, but we just got into the right rhythm – we had discussed the plan beforehand, and we stuck to it. It’s also great to have made Powerboat P1 history today because no-one has ever defended the Evolution class championship before.”

The team said if they win the Championship they can keep the Doge Vipers they have been allowed to drive so I guess James will now have the chance of collecting a mantelpiece of speeding tickets to go with his cups :up:

And in Super Sport Vroom Vroom were unfortunately unable to take the title but are in a strong position for the runner up slot, and with the many British based boats/teams taking part next year hopefully the days are numbered for Conham yachts ... I think Silverline have suffered this season and it would be great to see them rewarded with a few wins next year for their valiant efforts over the years

225 28-09-2008 11:51 AM

Conham yachts have been talking about maybe moving up to the Evolution class in 2010, that would be interesting because they would have to build a new boat with a canopy on.

225 28-09-2008 11:53 AM

P1 Website

Well, we’re afraid to say that Sunday in Portimao has dawned wet and wild, and we’re left with the question that all racing car buffs ask when they see a wet Powerboat P1 race: “Do powerboats handle differently in the wet?”.
Right now, there’s enough water on the ground to hold today’s races in the (not so) dry pit. Heavy rain and high winds on the Algarve have forced race organisers to postpone the start of racing on today’s second day of the Powerboat P1 Portuguese Grand Prix of the Sea. The safety of both racers and spectators is the primary concern, and further announcements will be made hourly.
We'd also like to send our best wishes to Technical Scrutineer Rene Duquet, who broke his leg when the Start Boat hit an unexpected wave during the rough conditions of yesterday's Evolution-class Sprint race. He is currently being attended to in a local hospital, but is recovering well and will be heading home to Belgium soon.

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