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Jon 14-11-2004 09:15 PM

Todays Prop test.
Well after my previous dissapointing run on a shagged prop I turned to TD for a nearly new "Mirage Plus" 21" pitch stainless prop to try and improve things.

To recap, my last run was with a 21" Mirage of 1990 vintage that had seen some spurious repairs. The performance was as follows:

35MPH (GPS) @ 4,800rpm with two adults and 3/4 of fuel in calm conditions. :puker:

Today with Four adults and a full tank of gas she gave a top speed GPS reading of 45MPH @ 4,600rpm :up: (And thats with 3 months worth of marine growth on the bottom).

Cleaned up and with two adults, i would estimate a top speed of about 52MPH. The boat is coming out of the water next week and so i will have to wait for next season to confirm her true top speed.

However, i have to say that i am very impressed with the handling of the Formula and look forward to many happy hours in her.

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