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OSAMA_BIN_LADEN 21-12-2004 05:09 PM


I am really sorry if this mail gets to you without any notice.
As a matter of urgency, I want you to advice me on what investment opportunities you can assist me on. It has become really difficult to get a reliable investor to assist me because of the rate of scams that I hear about.
First I will introduce myself, i am MrOSAMA BIN LADEN.

I am an Indian and Saudi citizen and I have my passport for identification if there is a need to confirm my identity.

I am a contract worker heading the accounts department of the crude oil and drill section of the North coast of Brunei, sultanate on the Gulf Island.

I will save your time by not amplifying my history.

The reason why I got your contact from an internet directory was that during the controversial dispute that erupted between Prince Williams Fayed Bolkiah and his step brother,the sultan of Brunei Sheik Muda Hassanal Bolkiah.

As you may know from the international media, the sultan had accused Prince Williams Fayed Bolkiah of financial mismanagement and impropriety of Billions of dollars. This was as a result of the Asian financial crisis that made Prince William Fayed Bolkiah's company Amedeo Development Company and government owned Brunei Investment Company to be declared bankrupt during his tenure in office.

However Prince William Fayed Bolkiah is still kept under house arrest, his bank accounts and private properties including the crude oil export refinery were I worked has been confisticated by the sultanate.

These are links to news paper reveiws: 05/msg00188.html

Furthermore, during this unfortunate period, I was advised to evacuate the sultanate to avoid further prosecution from the sultan and his security operatives, but before I could do that I was placed under house arrest by the Sultan and I have no access to a phone but I have a Palm V hand-held computer from which I am sending you this mail.

Before Prince Williams Fayed Bolkiah's incarceration, I went ahead to dispatch a sum in cash payment under special arrangement in the custody of a Private security and Trustee company safe in France. I entrusted the deposit certificate to my solictor who resides in Paris-France.
I am taking the risk of keeping this funds without his knowledge or even my family and friends Hence I seek your good assistance to collect the deposit and invest these funds into profitable investments to facilitate my future survival, for they do not intend to release me soon because of the fact that I am the head of accounts and that I also work for the prince.
I have decided to offer a reasonable percentage of these funds to you as compensation for your cooperation.

Please I count on your absolute confidentiality, transparency and trust while looking forward to your prompt reply:,, towards a swift conclusion.

I remain yours sincerly

Gav 24-12-2004 06:31 PM

WHAT A LOAD OF CACK!:puker: :moon:

JamesM 24-12-2004 06:35 PM

Couldnt be arsed to read it!!!

JamesM 24-12-2004 06:37 PM

This is what came up on my screen:



I am really sorry if this mail gets to you without any notice.
As a matter of urgency, I want you to advice me on what blah blah blah blah blah...............................


K9 racing 24-12-2004 10:09 PM

same here

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