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Ciao 17-12-2005 05:45 AM

London Monte Carlo
Was in the West End tonight waiting to pick up some customers from The Ritz.
It was chaos up there, just about everyone wanted a car home and it seemed there wasn’t a Black Cab working (no change there then!)
There was a guy standing next to my car, looking for a cab with everyone else. I was pretty sure I recognised him from somewhere, so I presumed he could be local to me and I’d had him in the back of the car at some time or another.
“Where do you need to get to?” I asked “Oxted” he replied.
So that confirmed it, or so I thought, he was a local customer.
Fortunately my customers were happy with a cabshare, (they were so tired, don’t think they cared that much!)
Got chatting to the customer, and he said that he had been in Annabelle’s…
I said that the only time I had been there was with some boating guys..
“Oh really I was in there tonight with Tim Powell …I won the London to Monte Carlo race….”
“With Mike Bellamy..” I finished his opening line.
Then I worked out how where I recognised him from, The Cowes Doctor!!!
Spent the next hour or so listening to old boat racing stories…I do love my job sometimes!
I have forgotten Edward’s surname, pretty sure Lorenzo can help with that one!
Funny thing is I was only looking at his winning boat in Basildon last Monday, (a good excuse for doing work for Teleflex Morse close to the Powerboat Museum!)

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