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  1. Rogue Wave


    Hi guys, Can you tellme what type of Glastron this is Thanks Stu
  2. Rogue Wave

    Heavy duty jockey wheels.

    Can I buy one of ebay too?
  3. Rogue Wave

    Heavy duty jockey wheels.

    hello I'll have one pay you cash tue/wed when you surface cheers STu
  4. Rogue Wave

    Tool sale all in GWO

    Dewalt 12v drill 1 battery Charger/ case £20 (old but good) Dewalt 14.4v Drill 2 batteries Charger case £ 80 Dewalt 18V Drill, Jigsaw 2 batteries case + uncased Circular saw £170 Black and Decker 18 Drill and Circular Saw Case Charger 2 batts £50 None of these have been abused. Bosch 24v SDS...
  5. Rogue Wave

    Proper name

    I refer to it as corrosion creep, It's when copper wire gets moist and corrodes green and creeps all the way back up the cable by capillary action I guess. Does anybody know the proper term for this TA
  6. Rogue Wave

    R21 Hamilton Jet

    Things are surprisingly good actually. :hugegrin: I'm getting plenty of proper work and I've found a very interesting and convenient location for a new skool. All i need now is a bit on the side and the top end of my hearing back. Hope things are well for you too!
  7. Rogue Wave

    Sea Star Pro Helm for sale

    Ahh! I now understand the reason for the delay.:brown:
  8. Rogue Wave

    R21 Hamilton Jet

    You could always sell the jet drive to me! :)
  9. Rogue Wave

    Berkely. Legend or American Turbine UK knowledge

    I need to source some parts for a Volvo Jet unit which is a clone of a Legend jet, which is a splash of a Berkely 12 which I think is all owned now by American Turbine. Does anybody know if theres a distributor in the UK or does anybody have any experience of such. cheers
  10. Rogue Wave

    rotten floor, battery relocation etc??

    sheathing your deck if you are going to do that you'll need to put an acelerator on the wood to open the grain and get a good bond. You can get all the stuff from glasplies in Stockport. this article might help you
  11. Rogue Wave

    Yanmar Diesel

    I,ve used them to they did a good job for sure
  12. Rogue Wave

    Hamilton Jet boat Game

    stupid game :headbang:
  13. Rogue Wave

    22 years on.........

    I think he got it ftom Waren Zevon's Werewolves of London
  14. Rogue Wave


    steady I thought you and Fuller were mates! :seaman:
  15. Rogue Wave

    Phantom 031 'WARLORD'

    seems reasonable. I hope your doing well, I've got a few bets on with some of your buddies on Ribnet! Good luck and fair winds :seaman:
  16. Rogue Wave

    Phantom 031 'WARLORD'

    yeah good luck from me too, I'm in ,sorry on the North Sea so I probably wont be around for the Start . but I hope you guys win !
  17. Rogue Wave

    Revenger 25

    I think that might be cos the original was printed on Papyrus
  18. Rogue Wave

    Introduction of the "Seaquel 700xs" for 2007

    i'd reccomend having the toobs in navy blue, that colour seems to keep it's looks the best! looking excellent Gav
  19. Rogue Wave


    Has anybody got DAB on there car system. if so what type and is it good or does it become intermittent
  20. Rogue Wave

    Jools Holland

    soem xmas cheer for you mister D and Mr C
  21. Rogue Wave

    Dirty cars

    your'e lucky it's Christmas :hugegrin:
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  23. Rogue Wave

    Round Britain 2008

    Not just for christmas A Doggie isn't just for Christmas ! It's a good position all year round
  24. Rogue Wave


    Thank you :hugegrin: I'm only jealous cos I haven't got a lathe