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  1. Caeke

    Phantom P16 with brand new E-tec 115 for sale

    Our objective when buying this boat from the former owner in Torquay in August 2021 was to have a small economic boat, easy to slip, without problems but however bringing some fun to ride and doing waterskis. An what can I say: this setup fulfills these criteria in a quite perfect way. The...
  2. Caeke

    First Phantom - P16

    Very hot stuff - thank you very much Ring-Sting:tnx:
  3. Caeke

    Connecting Trim Gauge Evinrude E-tec

    Hello everybody, at my Phantom P16 with an Evinrude 115 E-tec , model 2016 I have trim gauges installed, but they are not working yet. I have the original rev-meter and tachometer, which can also display the trim position. And additionally a smaller round trim gauge (seee pic), which I would...
  4. Caeke

    First Phantom - P16

    Hello, I´m a new member here with Phantom P16 Hello everybody, I´m from Germany (you will notice that surely after reading my first few words:lol:lol:) and I´m new at this forum. I´ve owned a few boats during the last 30 years, but always with some interrupts between. My last boats I´ve bought...