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    Mercury 20" CLE

    Sold thanks BM
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    Mercury 20" CLE

    Mercury CLE black with yellow skeg, perfect smooth gears £1000
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    Wanted through hub cleaver

    To fit a standard Mercury shaft 26pitch
  4. J

    Wanted 26 Winrace propeller

    For standard Mercury shaft
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    P16 bare Hull no trailer project

    Sold thanks to Boatmad
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    P16 bare Hull no trailer project

    My Employee has a p16 for sale, bare Hull no trailer, screen and metal strip are in the boat, New transom but will need gel coat to waterproof it. Will need a trailer to take away, been sat in a dusty barn for a few years so will suit someone looking for a project. Any questions please ask
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    Grey low back bucket seats wanted

    After grey luw back bucket seats
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    Wanted single Pro trim switch

    Hypromarine in Lymington have single and dual Pro trim switches in stock on their website
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    Wanted single Pro trim switch

    There's seastar Pro trim switches from the states on ebay for £60 if you don't end up getting hold of any
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    race deck wanted

    Sam Jackson has p21 racedeck and also Paul scott
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    Looking for ring 16 or phantom 16

    Call this number 07708568965
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    Rubber cowl straps wanted

    I got mine from eBay
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    Trophy 24 big hub for sale

    Hi sorry it’s sold
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    I’ll make it really easy and simple for you with that site, for next time. On google type in “ mercury” and scroll down until you see “135 150 175 200” Then click on that ����
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    Could you not get onto the site?
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    Trophy 24 big hub for sale

    For sale or swap with trophy 26
  18. J

    Boss 18 rigged minus engine

    Boss 18 on a bunker trailer, two cobra bucket seats, sea star hydraulic 1500psi steering, 65litre underfloor aluminium mid fuel tank which sits under the bucket seats to start of splash well, handle in the dash, Rev counter, water pressure gauge, engine temperature gauge, battery voltage gauge...
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    Wanted a ballistic 3 and 4 blade propeller

    Wanted 3 and or 4 blade ballistic propeller for mercury 25/26/27 pitch
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    Wanted mercury/mariner 225 1981 head gasket

    Wanted 1-2 head gaskets for a 1981 Merc 225 v6 With the head bolts on the outside of the liners
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    Wanted 20” merc offshore mid section

    Call this number at some point as I’m sure he has a ridgeback which he’s not going to use anymore *07557 673857‬
  22. J

    Wanted Yam Drag 26

    For mercury v6 and or trophy 25
  23. J

    Mercury 2.5 offshore

    Wanted yam drag 26 or trophy 25 For a mercury v6
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    Any reviews on velocitek gps for a speedboat

    Has anybody had a velocitek gps? Or know much about them if their worth getting for my speedboat?