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    Wanted 42 prestige wanted

    Wanted- jeanneau prestige 42. Private cash buyer.
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    sunseeker xs2000

    No. looking for a phantom 23 or similar
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    sunseeker xs2000

    Nice boat! Whats the price? regards, Roger
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    Comment by 'Invincible' in media 'DSC00656'

    Hello there, is this still for sale? thanks.
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    Comment by 'Invincible' in media '691'

    Hi there, do you still hae this boat and is it for sale perhaps? kind regards, Roger
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    Cougar 26 or phantom wanted!!

    Many thanks Ideally this would be the very boat but quite expensive for me. Looking to spend up to £15k for a good rig.
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    Just joined?

    Hi there, I’ve been boating forever. Owned various boats over the years all power. Favourite was a banana yellow phantom 23 fitted out with twin mercury 2.4 efi’s called maxrpm? Went like a rocket and sounded like a formula one car?? I own a prestige 36 at present but looking to buy a cougar...
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    Cougar 26 or phantom wanted!!

    Looking for some Help finding a cougar 26 or Phantom 21 or bigger. With or without engine. Years gone by I owned a nice Phantom 23 with twin merc efi's called MAX RPM and a phantom 20 with merc XRI called invincible. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.