02 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 H.O Overland with LPG


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Nov 23, 2005
Wickford Essex
Cruising area
The bath
Petrol V8 engine Jeep with Prins LPG system and 5 speed automatic gearbox.

Genuine reason for selling, I am very reluctantly putting it up for sale.

£1950 ovno. And I cant swap it for a boat, the wife would kill me - again.

Strongly recommend you visit and have a look asap, this is priced to sell and 1st to see will buy.

Here is a little bit of info -

The Jeep has had 4 previous owners all slow and careful driving vicars, it is in very good overall condition and has been well looked after. There are a few small marks in the paintwork, worst marks are on the corners of the bumpers and they are not too bad, see pictures.

It has grey leather electric seats, a few small marks but no big problems, seats go up and down etc and all work OK except for drivers heated seat, it does not get warm.

Carpets, dash, steering wheel, door cards, roof lining etc are all OK and in very good condition.

Jeep audio, single CD, radio, cassette player up front with 10 disk auto changer in back, its ok for listening to Radio 4 and LBC but might not be any good if you are a head banger or one of thos rib types playing Bachman Turner Overdrive.

It has done 66,680 miles so well below average.

The gearbox, running gear and engine are all fine, no cracked heads or hidden problems or anything like that. All electrics work OK.

It has been regularly serviced but the service book has been lost so I only have partial service history with receipts etc. I did think about buying one and putting fake stamps in it but I am too honest for that.

It is fitted with an additional key fob immobilizer as one of the previous owners lost her handbag and keys and she did not want to take the chance it would get stolen. I say she but I suppose it could have been a fella with a handbag, again someone with a rib. So only 1 genuine Jeep key comes with the vehicle.

The Jeep also has a Prins multi-point LPG system fitted which was refurbished last year with new temp switch and new diaphragm kit fitted. System was serviced and inspected by Prins approved engineer last summer, adjusted/ tuned to improve performance and MPG.

It has a 55L round tank fitted inside the spare wheel recess which costs about £36 to fill up. I run it on LPG about 50% of the time, I don’t really notice much difference in MPG or performance when running on LPG which is roughly equivalent to getting about 42mpg on petrol, depending on how you drive it.

Comes with 5 alloy wheels, tyre on spare is OK and legal but there is nowhere to put it as there is an LPG tank in the wheel well.

Gearbox is 5 speed auto including switchable overdrive, all works OK, Hi and Low ranges also work OK.

All mechanical aspects are OK, brakes work, power steering works fine, no leaks, noises or problems. Front and rear wipers work OK.

Mirrors adjust and fold in, rear view mirror auto dims, lights all work, rear parking sensors and display works.

Electric windows work including the sunroof, air con works and gets cold, no faults, heater gets hot, fan works on all settings etc.

2 x 12v power outlets so you can inflate your inflatable things, toys and ribs etc.

Recently fitted battery, motor and electric window mechanism to drivers side, lower control arms fitted to front suspension and new gas struts on rear tailgate, so good it smacked me on the chin 1st time i opened it.

There is no load cover in the back.

MOT expires July 2020.

£1950 ovno, priced for quick sale as I need a different car for new job. I have seen similar V8 LPG fitted Jeeps for sale on Autotrader for about £2500 so this is a bit of a bargain - probably.

Sorry but UK buyers only, I will not deliver to Tibury docks or anywhere else so please don't ask.


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forgot to mention

Forgot to mention

The Jeep is located in Wickford Essex SS11 7NB

It has the Quadra-Drive auto gear box with front and rear limited slip diffs

It does not have a tow bar and has never been fitted with one but the V8's are fitted with the best rear axel as standard and towing capacity is

6500lbs/ 3 tonne or 2950kg.