100 mph

is tony doing some shopping for you on scream and fly?:crimbo3:

kind of speeds do you guys run "MPH"? I run an allison with a 225 Promax at a tad over 100 mph, the guy I got my boat from said he ran it to 106 mph.
Boats over here are generaly offshore type designs, as very few lakes here either allow high speed boating, or are big enough to be worth while for an extreme OB boat like the Allisons etc.

Therefore, 75mph is considered pretty fast here, for the smaller boats at least.

Roofer, sounds like an interesting goal! It's always been my goal to go 100mph in a small boat (mainly due to the fact that I can't afford a big one!!) that's why I bought the Hydrostream. I felt it would cost big bucks to get an engine powerfull enough to push one of the british offshore boats like a ring or phantom over a ton. I also wanted to do it safely, if that's possible! From what I have seen of rin and phantoms they don't have much in a way of a pad to run on.
Also at high speeds I would considder a cleaver or a semi like a hoss triton or something similar, you wont need much bow lift over 85/90, but I'm not familiar with your boat so that may not be correct! What gearcase mods have been done? I read an article that Greg from S&F wrote when they tested a whole bunch of props and gearcases on a hydrostream vking the best gearcase was a Bobs coned CLE. I'll try and find it for you if you want it!
I think your no.'s look good, good luck and be carefull!



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If your goal is the 'ton', ...safely, why don't you go for a cat, mebbe a 21 Argo, or one of the small Yank cat's.

A 21 Argo is actually quite capable in a chop too, at least compared to how I imagine the Hydrostream would be.

Pete Little and Dave Authur campained one in 2 litre, and although they didn't stick with it for Offshore competition, they did go fkkn well in it.

With a 2.5 efi, I would think you'd run well over the ton.

John, Id love a cat but I'm kind of restricted with size as I keep the boat at home and 18' is the largest boat that will make the turn into the back of the house. Yard and marina fees are astronomical here! Also most any boat I can afford needs a lot of work and it's nice to have it at home to work on it!

I'd love an 18' cat if I could get one, wasn't there a few about that size built in the UK by extreme or somebody? I'd like to build my own one, around 15' to experiment with design.

But the hydrostream is ok for the type of water I boat in, it's actualy quite smooth considdering it has a 9" wide flat bad on the bottom. If your used to fletchers, brooms and the like you know when to clench your ass when you go over a big one, the hydrostream just skips accross with a little bounce. I have heard the STV is prety good in the chop, there was one on boatmad in the gallery I think! Was it in the UK, who owned it and how did it take to our water?

Although I don't think I will be parting with this boat for a while, it's cool and has a lot of potential. If you ever get the chance to go in one take it, the acceleration is mindblowing. I'd love to drive a phantom too, I've never driven one. Doing a ton on glass flat water is fun but 80 in big waves would be crazy!:hugegrin:


so I take it that there are not alot of STV, Mirage, Allisons, or hydrostreams. James
US boats

James, no there are not many US lake boats over here! As far as I know I have the only hydrostream in Ireland and possibly the UK, although not sure about the UK but there was definitely none for sale when I was looking. There is an STV in the UK as far as I'm aware, not sure where though, and theres a guy here in Ireland with a Talon in very bad shape that he just wont part with:angry:

Loads of glastrons though! Just not many performance boats, don't know of any allisons but there could be I suppose
Well it would hardly sound like a pair of big blocks!

Matt, whats a cox?

I read somewhere you got a raceboat, what did you get?
Had a feeling it was a small engine hence the big block remark!

I saw adams boat posted on S&F, looks great. Good luck with the season, it should be fun.
Matt said:
Good point, 0.049cu is 0.81cc. Doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easliy though.

0.049cu! WTF is a cu? :bang:
Isn't that usualy represented by ci?, well, here on Earth anyways.
Fkkn Nobba! get on wit the deccorating! :wank: