1985 Phantom mystery boat


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Jun 25, 2016
Hello All,
I am new to the site. I was talking to a guy called John Guille earlier today about the old Phantom boat I bought and he suggested that you guys and galls might be able to help??
I bought the boat about 5 years ago, its a 16 ft Phantom race boat (Black) with a Yamaha 85AET. It was built 24/10/1985 according to the number on the transom. In its later years the boat was used for fun on Loch Lomond, but before this it was raced. The guy I bought it off told me it had a good history, but, I wasn't convinced.UNTIL - recently the poor paint job that some one did started to fade reveling the original paint and sign writing. The first writing we found says - " l.e. World Champions 1986 " The number that is now barely visible was "41" The top of the boat looks like carbon fiber?? On closer inspection, I am assuming that the whole boat is fiber Glass, but, the cloth is woven similar to carbon fiber?
I would like to know if the boat is worth resurrecting or if anyone would be interested in buying it as a project? I have bought £900 worth of parts to rebuild the gearbox, but just haven't managed to get around to it. The engine was running and has been dry stored. Compression is good and the engine didn't have any rattles that I can recall. Everything thing needs rewiring and the steering needs modernizing. It has a pulley and cable system on it at present. The Transom still looks solid, a bit weathered, but solid. The trailer has mini alloys and I have recently cleaned and painted the wheels and replaced the tyres so that it is mobile.
I will put some photo's up and hopefully someone may know some more about it?
It would be great to know if the boat is worth repairing, or if I could find it a home with someone who has the time to sort it out. Seems a shame to see it deteriorating slowly.
Thanks for havin a gander at this post..



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41 was kin ell fire raced by Brian Eastham. If you search on here under kin ell fire you should find him on here.
Phantom Racedeck

You have a little gem there, put it up for sale, you'll have no trouble selling it..!!
I have been inspired by the boats history and am going to restore it to its former glory. I will post it up on the site once its back in the water.
Thanks to all for the information and inspiration. Can't wait to see how fast it actually is. The motor may be a little tired but, that's easily sorted.
More of the dodgy paint has come off the hull and the name of the boat is now visible - It is definitely "KIN ELL FIRE"
That does it - I have spoken to power marine in Ireland as he came well recommended. The Hull is getting a new transom and paint job. Hopefully Brian won't mind if I bring it back to original Livery?? The gearbox is getting rebuilt with the new gears and bearings I purchased 5 years ago!!!
Hopefully it will be back in the water in the next few months.
Apparently the race scene in Ireland is very small and struggling for numbers so you may yet see her racing again!!

Thanks again for the messages with all the info
Drew on here has a good Yam 90 for sale cheap. It's basically the same as you have just a bit updated.
Yep it's true I do indeed have a yam 90 going cheap of you want it?
I remember being on Bournemouth Pier when they won the world champs , obviously very excited , he got to the lower pier and a man fishing off the pier started hurling abuse at them for getting too close to his line !!
Kin ell fire


I'm Jason Eastham, Brian Eastham's son, I can confirm that's the one and only kin ell fire that won the 1985 world championship, it's even got the 4 blade prop!

Great to see, ive been looking for that boat for years, what's your plans with it?

Well as I write this my dad is sat next to me so if you want to know anymore let us know
Hi Jason

It great to hear from you and Brian. I was hoping you guys would get in touch. We didn't have a clue what the boat was until the paint started pealing of. The guy we bought it from said it had come from Scotland ? Loch Lomonde
I am getting all the structure replaced in the boat at the moment. The grant plan was to restore it fully and I was hoping to get more photos so I could put it back the way it was. I had wanted to race it , but with work and finances it may be a long time coming!!
I am in Slovakia at the moment and will be back in ireland next week.
I will send you a message with my contact details. Would be great to get in touch

Hello Peter ( Predrotractor )
16 Serial No. 851024 was built for Barnet Marine.
Bare Hull and Deck with 26in Transom ( ? ).
Small Bow Ballast Tank and 'Dumo Valve' fitted.
No other info.

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