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Mar 13, 2004
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Just opened a letter from Chris Strickland and Mike Shelton of BIBOA - it seems that they have decided after consulting with the members to change things a little for 2004!

All the RIB classes will race together on the same day.

Races will be over longer legs which will mean less safety cover and possibly a long wait for rescue!

For example:

Torquay - will be as far East as Teignmouth

Exmouth - over 100 miles to the Eddystone and back

Fairlie - from Largs to Inchmarnock and back with a lap of Great Cumbrae

Poole - they are reurecting the Needles trophy for RIBS (not the Needles Trophy from Cowes which is the 2 litre round the Island trophy) dating from 1932.

Cowes - Will of course be running the Cowes Torquay Cowes again.

Sounds like an interesting year for the RIBS and at least they will be able to afford to go a bit slower round the corners as there will be fewer of them!

If anyone is interested in being involved as a rescue boat or helping on land please get in touch with BIBOA - via the website would be best or PM me your details and I will pass them along!

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